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Test Center Malaysia is the ideal partner for parents, teachers, government agencies, organizations, and institutions to conduct fair, valid and reliable proficiency-based assessments. Managed by Eshia & Associates, and as the promoter of TOEIC test products here in Malaysia, we support a wide range of TOEIC, TOEFL, Drug And Alcohol Test. For more information and to reserve a test session, please visit our online store https://testcenter.multistore.site-giant.org/

The TOEIC Program

The TOEIC Program

Learn how leading global organizations use the TOEIC program to enable better performance results and positive organizational impact. Read about their successes and find out how you too can benefit from the TOEIC program.

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The TOEFL Family of Assessments

The TOEFL Family of Assessments

Trusted information for confident decisions. There's a TOEFL® test for every stage of English-language proficiency to guide learning, inform teaching and help students achieve their academic goals.

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Drug & Alcohol Test

Drug & Alcohol Test

By using a combination of hair and oral fluid testing through Omega Laboratories, employers can create a safer workplace environment. Both offer several advantages over traditional, urine-based drug testing programs.

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Empowering English Educators:

Yayasan Terengganu English Teachers Benefit from TOEFL ITP

and TOEIC Propell Teacher Workshops

10 THELP teachers ready to elevate the quality of English language education for Terengganu students and corporate clients.

Terengganu, 12 December 2023 – Yayasan Terengganu, a prominent education foundation committed to advancing educational opportunities, proudly announces the successful completion of the TOEFL ITP Teacher Workshop and TOEIC Propell Teacher Workshop. The workshops, tailored for 10 THELP (Terengganu Hired English Language Personnel) teachers, aimed to enhance their skills, enrich their teaching methodologies, and ultimately elevate the quality of English language education for the students and corporate clients in Terengganu.

The THELP teachers gained valuable insights into enhanced teaching strategies and methodologies, ensuring an improved and effective approach to English language instruction. The workshops focused on innovative strategies to engage students actively, fostering an environment conducive to language learning. They received comprehensive training on the TOEFL ITP and TOEIC tests, gaining a deeper understanding of the test structures, scoring mechanisms, and best practices for preparing students. This knowledge equips educators to better guide their students through these assessments, promoting higher success rates.

Dato’ Haji Mohd Azmi b. Mohamad Daham, Director of Yayasan Terengganu, said “Yayasan Terengganu recognizes the importance of collaboration between our THELP teachers and Test Center Malaysia. Both workshops provided a platform for our THELP teachers to learn from the TOEFL ITP and TOEIC master trainers, connect, share experiences, and collaborate on future initiatives, fostering a supportive community dedicated to elevating English language education.”

“The trainers were great and the workshops went beyond theoretical concepts, emphasizing practical applications in the classroom. We learned how to integrate TOEFL ITP and TOEIC preparation seamlessly into our lesson plans, ensuring a holistic approach to language development,” said Ms Afinie Nur Akifa Fikri, one of the THELP participants.

“The THELP teachers gained exclusive access to a range of TOEFL and TOEIC resources, including teaching materials, sample tests, and instructional guides. These resources enable teachers to continue implementing best practices and maintain a high standard of English language education,” said Ezani Amir, Managing Director of Eshia & Associates Sdn Bhd, the ETS country representative in Malaysia. He added, “With this collaboration with Yayasan Terengganu, we look forward to more students and professionals taking the TOEFL ITP and TOEIC tests in the near future.”

Upon completion of the workshops, the THELP participants received certificates acknowledging their commitment to professional development. These certifications enhance their profiles and underscore their dedication to providing quality education to the students of Yayasan Terengganu.

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MBSB Bank Adopts TOEIC Test Programs for Recruitment

First Malaysian Financial Institution Rank English Communication as Vital Skill

21-October 2021, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As the financial industry business environment becomes increasingly global and interconnected, English communication are now vital skills required for its workforce. Taking the lead as the first Malaysian financial institution in adopting the TOEIC® testing programs for its recruitment process, MBSB Bank Berhad today concluded its Memorandum of Understanding with Eshia & Associates Sdn Bhd, in ensuring fair, valid and reliable English language assessment tools are made available to the bank to support their talent management decisions.

“MBSB Bank will be using this assessment to assess all new positions in three areas – reading, listening and writing,” said Chief People Officer, Mohd Farid Basir. “This will help us improve the quality of new hires, as well as avoid any biases in recruitment prerequisites,” said Farid.

“Accurate English communication measurement provides hiring organizations with a cost-effective tool to deliver quality data that they can rely on when making recruitment, placement and promotion decisions,” said Ezani Amir, Managing Director of Eshia & Associates Sdn Bhd. “We are extremely proud to be able to support MBSB’s vision of being a progressive bank, utilizing our latest digitally delivered TOEIC Listening & Reading Multi-Stage Adaptive Test and TOEIC Writing Test.

MBSB Bank believes TOEIC implementation will lead to a distinguishable improvement in the quality of talent acquisition, and eventually, goes a long way to enhance the quality of products and services offered by the Bank. Pioneering such global assessment in the country, MBSB Bank hopes to see industry-wide adoption of TOEIC in manpower recruitment in the near future.

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Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah Gears Up Graduates for IR4.0 with TOEIC Test

Industry collaboration as platform to empower polytechnic graduates

30 March 2022, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As the country embraces Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), technical and vocational education and training (TVET) graduates with good English communication skills stands a better chance of being employed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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 TOEIC PROPELL 4-Skills Teacher Workshop

Inaugural TOEIC Propell Teacher Workshop Gets Overwhelming Response 

First Workshop in Malaysia Provided Valuable Resources in Developing Students Communication Skills

23-October 2021, Ipoh, Malaysia – Eshia & Associates Sdn Bhd, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) country representative for the TOEIC Tests today successfully organized the inaugural TOEIC Propell Teacher Workshop here in Malaysia, hosted together with its long standing institution of higher learning partner, Politeknik Ungku Omar.

As an industry leader, the TOEIC program has set the global standard for assessing English-language communication skills needed in the workplace and everyday life. The TOEIC Propell Teacher Workshops are hands-on comprehensive professional development programs that provide English-language teachers with instructional techniques and strategies that help prepare their students for success in the workplace and on the TOEIC tests.

 “More than ten institutions of higher learning and corporate training companies use the TOEIC tests as part of their program and we are thrilled to be able to provide this first of its kind workshop in Malaysia”, said Ezani Amir, Managing Director of Eshia & Associates Sdn. Bhd. “Not only our Malaysian graduates English are internationally certified with TOEIC, but now our lecturers are also TOEIC Trainer certified”, he added.

Ts. Dr Izwah Binti Ismail, Deputy Director Academic of Politeknik Ungku Omar added “PUO was the first polytechnic in the country that adopted TOEIC in 2015 because we believed in having internationally recognized English standards for our graduates. Today, we are proud to co-host this workshop as we wanted all our English teaching staff to be certified TOEIC Trainers so that we can also incorporate international English communication standards for our teaching professionals for their own career progression benefit as well as for our students.”

According to Associate Professor Dr Hisham Dzakiria, Dean of Awang Had Salleh Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Universiti Utara Malaysia, the workshop provided participants with valuable resources in developing the students’ communication skills using real-world tasks and focused interactive activities. He said “The workshop was very engaging and the techniques gathered will help us to prepare and motivate our students to do well both, in their success of the TOEIC tests and at their workplace. He further posited that TOEIC should be considered as an added certification for universities graduating students. The fee for the test is affordable, easy to administer and most important of all, TOEIC provides testimony of the students’ competency in the target language to potential employers…and that’s remarkable and beneficial to all stakeholders.”

“The professionally crafted course materials and excellent delivery by the trainer is why ETS is the gold standard in standardized testing and we are proud to always include TOEIC in all our English for Professional programs”, said Ms Wan Shahida, co-founder and principal trainer at Excel Minds Consultancy Sdn Bhd, a boutique corporate training company with numerous KLSE listed and MNC customers in their portfolio.

The 25 participants agreed that the workshop was very valuable as it provided them with strategies to engage in dynamic classroom activities, discuss English language learning best practices, answer TOEIC practice questions and review performance descriptors, improve confidence and teaching effectiveness, explore opportunities to network with other English language instructors and earn a professional development certificate of completion from ETS.

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