TOEFL® Young Students Series GO English! Project

About the 2019–20 TOEFL® Young Students Series GO English! Project

The Places You Would Go! Your class wins a trip to go anywhere in the world. Where would you like to go? Why?

Using your English skills, work together as a class and collectively select one location you would like to visit and explain why. Did you choose this place because of its location, culture, food, weather or the people? We invite you to work in groups of four for this project to practice your English skills while creating a video, radio, poster or newspaper announcement.

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With your guidance, students will be inspired to practice and improve their English-language skills, use their imagination and take pride in creating an amazing project. In addition, each participating student will receive a certificate of participation once you turn in your project.

Discuss ideas with your class and create a project

Your goals are to:

  • Work as a class or in small groups of four for a total of 5–10 hours over several weeks.
  • Say or write enough English to effectively communicate your message.
  • Be creative.

Once your project is completed, you will need to make sure you:

  • Collect signed student release forms. Click here to download  the release form  GO English_Student Release
  • Format your project using an acceptable file type. Any file you submit cannot exceed 50MB.
  • Click HEREto download the instructions.
  • To download the school participations letter click HERE.

Contact us at  for questions, and remember to encourage your students to work together, be creative and have fun!

Deadline for your project — March 1, 2020

Terms and Conditions

  1. The 2019–20 TOEFL® Young Students Series GO English! Project – Your Trip (Visit Malaysia 2020) is a competition by way of creating or designing the most creative project in form of a poster, radio, video and newspaper column in line with the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign.
  2. This project is open to students ages 7 -17 years. All entries must be submitted by the teacher in charge via Google Form. (
  3. There is no entry fee.
  4. Closing date for submission will be on 1 March 2020. After this date, no further entries will be permitted.
  5. 5 most creative project entries from each category (poster, newspaper, video, radio) related Visit Malaysia will be selected to the next stage whereby the groups have to present their project in front of the judges.
  6. The grand winner from each category will be chosen by a judging panel during the final stage. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. Transport to and from an event and all other additional costs are the responsibility of the selected school and/or students.
  8. Test Center Malaysia reserves the right to use any project(s) submitted in our promotional campaigns.
  9. Test Center Malaysia reserves the right to, at any time, verify an entry or entrant and disqualify an entrant.

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