ABOUT TOEFL® WOW 2022 Competition

The objective of the TOEFL® WOW 2022 Competition is to provide a platform for our Malaysian school children ages 10 to 24 years old as well as Malaysian tertiary students. The competition aims to raise awareness on the significance of marine life conservation as well as shedding light on endangered aquatic species, particularly the billfish.

For Malaysian primary school children we welcome submissions of Newspaper Columns and Malaysian secondary school children shall submit aa essay. As for the Malaysian tertiary students, the participation requires them to submit their animations in English.

BENEFITS of TOEFL® WOW 2022 Competition

The TOEFL® WOW 2022 Competition will provide the following benefits to Malaysian students:

  1. They will develop reading comprehension skills, research skills and writing skills, all in English
  2. They will be exposed, made aware of and potentially inspired on the importance of marine life conservation and the threat of extinction faced by aquatic species
  3. They will also develop planning and communication skills when they participate in the online sessions with our editorial team and TOEFL Master Trainers
  4. They will be able to demonstrate their creative skills in their work.
  5. For the best 50 essays and 50 newspaper columns, these students will have the pride and joy of having their own work published in a paperback book form.
  6. For the best animation, 5 team members may potentially be awarded internships with leading digital animation studios in Malaysia, subject to further arrangements


There is no cost for the students to participate in the TOEFL® WOW 2022 Competition.

We are in discussion with our project collaborators and they are helping us to source for sponsors of prizes, publication of the book and an internship program.